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We have a range of nets including our standard mussel net that has been used in Australia for some time now. We currently have available a new product called ‘Dualnet’ that has been designed to optimise the process of mussel farming.

As the name suggests, Dualnet is two nets built into one and alleviates the necessity for both the sock/stocking and rope/cord. As well as the following;

-The net avoids product loss as even the loose mussels (blues) which are commonly discarded, can now be re-used
-Reduced predatory infestation
-Obtain a more homogenous product
-The net being tubular, is made of extruded polypropylene with a mesh that has a double structure
-The external mesh is diamond shaped and made of a thicker thread making the net very resistant even offshore
-The internal mesh, also diamond shaped however much smaller and made of a much thinner thread, makes it possible to avoid an immediate discharge of mussels or to be torn by mussels it contains during their growth.

All varieties of mussel net and Dualnet are available in a range of tubular diameters and mesh sizes suitable for bay or offshore farming. We carry nets for oyster production from seeding to growth stages and onto a cage net for final phasing.

Also available to the industry is an array of various types of machinery for aquaculture farming purposes such as sorters, boat-mounted conveyors, buoys etc.