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Also known as crystal net or poly net, Netpak offers two types of smallgoods netting ie. polypropylene and polyethylene, that are used for the packaging and processing of meat and dairy products. One type is particularly soft and resistant and is used for packaging ham, bacon, cheeses and other kinds of processed meats. The other type is made of heat resistant materials and is specifically used in the cooking of processed meats.

These nets are well known for their characteristics being:

– Strength and softness
– Ease of use and pattern
– Range of sizes and colours
– Smoke penetration (colour)
– Pliability and stripping

We are able to supply in roll form, cut pieces to your requirements, cut and clipped form with either a loop and clipped at one end or clipped at one end only. All materials and colouring agents used are suitable for handling food-stuffs as required in guidelines set forth by the World Health and Food Authority. We are accredited with HACCP Australia and should you require a copy of our current certification, or more information about our smallgoods netting, just call on (02) 9604 4950.